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Asp.Net Interview Questions Answers

Question 1 : . What's the difference between Codebehind="MyCode.aspx.cs" and Src="MyCode.aspx.cs"?

Answer 1 :   CodeBehind is relevant to Visual Studio.NET only.

Question 2 : . What's a bubbled event?

Answer 2 :   When you have a complex control, likeDataGrid, writing an event processing routine for each object (cell, button,row, etc.) is quite tedious. The controls can bubble up their eventhandlers, allowing the main DataGrid event handler to take care of its constituents. Suppose you want a certain ASP.NET function executed on MouseOver over a certain button.

Question 3 : What methods are fired during the page load? Init()

Answer 3 :  When the page is instantiated, Load() - when the page is loaded into server  memory,PreRender () - the brief moment before the page is displayed to the user  as HTML, Unload() - when page finishes loading.

Question 4 : What's the difference between Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock and Page.RegisterStartupScript?

Answer 4 :   RegisterClientScriptBlock is for returning blocks of client-side script containing functions. RegisterStartupScript is for returning blocks of client-script not   packaged in functions-in other words, code that's to execute when the page is loaded. The latter positions script blocks near the end of the document so elements on the page that the script interacts are loaded before the script runs.<%@ Reference Control="MyControl.ascx" %>

Question 5 : How do I debug an ASP.NET application that wasn't written with Visual Studio.NET and that doesn't use code-behind?

Answer 5 : Start the DbgClr debugger that comes with the .NET Framework SDK, open the file containing      the code you want to debug, and set your breakpoints. Start the ASP.NET application. Go back to DbgClr, choose Debug Processes from the Tools menu, and select  aspnet_wp.exe from  the list of processes. (If aspnet_wp.exe do

Question 6 : Can a user browsing my Web site read my Web.config or Global.asax files?

Answer 6 : <HTTPHANDLERS>section of Machine.config, which holds the master configuration  settings for ASP.NET, contains entries that map ASAX files, CONFIG files, and selected  other file types to an HTTP handler named HttpForbiddenHandler

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