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SAP Report Interview Questions Answers

Question 1 : Which is the First character of creating LockObject?

Answer 1 : LockObjects always starts with character 'E'.

Question 2 : How can you call the Sessions?

Answer 2 : using transaction code SM35

Question 3 : What is an “Unpack command”

Answer 3 : UNPACK field1TO field2 .Unpacks the packed field field1 and places it in the field field2 with leading zeros. If field2 is too short, it is truncated on the left.

Question 4 : What are function modules in LDB?

Answer 4 : Function modules in LDB's are get put get late

Question 5 : What are the Cluster Tables?

Answer 5 : Cluster tables contain continuous text, for example, documentation. Several cluster tables can be combined to form a table cluster. Several logical lines of different tables are combined to form a physical record in this table type. This permits object-by-object storage or object-by-object access. In order to combine tables in clusters, at least parts of the keys must agree. Several cluster tables are stored in one corresponding table on the database.

Question 6 : What are Text Elements?

Answer 6 : Text elements makes program easier to maintain program texts in different languages. These are used for maintainig list headers,selectiontexts in programs

Question 7 : Can you call Report in SAP Script?

Answer 7 : Yes, we can. Just write in Line editor: /:perform f_display_report -------------- ---------- ---------- /:endperform THIS PERFORM WOULD BE DECLARED IN THE PRINT PROGRAMME IN WHICH YOU CAN ALWAYS WRITE STATEMENT SUBMIT REPORT...

Question 8 : How to Upload Logo to Layout Set and what is Program Name?

Answer 8 : You can also upload a Logo in BMP format - it has to be saved as "%^ Colours if it is a colour Bitmap. If you don't save a colour Bitmap as 256 Colours then it will be uploaded in Black. This can be done in Smart Forms, SAPScript or Transaction SE78

Question 9 : What is LUW?

Answer 9 : It is a span of time during which database records are updated either commit or rollback.

Question 10 : Have you worked with reading and writing data on to files?

Answer 10 : YES, open dataset <filename> for output. read dataset <filename> from itab. close dataset <filename>.

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