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SAP Report Interview Questions Answers

Question 1 : Have you created tables in SAP? What are client dependent and independent tables? How do you create independent tables?

Answer 1 : Tables which are having MANDT field is called as client dependent tables. Tables which are not having MANDT field is called as client dependent tables.

Question 2 : Have you worked with reading and writing data on to files?

Answer 2 : YES, open dataset <filename> for output. read dataset <filename> from itab. close dataset <filename>.

Question 3 : What is LUW?

Answer 3 : It is a span of time during which database records are updated either commit or rollback.

Question 4 : How to Upload Logo to Layout Set and what is Program Name?

Answer 4 : You can also upload a Logo in BMP format - it has to be saved as "%^ Colours if it is a colour Bitmap. If you don't save a colour Bitmap as 256 Colours then it will be uploaded in Black. This can be done in Smart Forms, SAPScript or Transaction SE78

Question 5 : Can you call Report in SAP Script?

Answer 5 : Yes, we can. Just write in Line editor: /:perform f_display_report -------------- ---------- ---------- /:endperform THIS PERFORM WOULD BE DECLARED IN THE PRINT PROGRAMME IN WHICH YOU CAN ALWAYS WRITE STATEMENT SUBMIT REPORT...

Question 6 : What are Text Elements?

Answer 6 : Text elements makes program easier to maintain program texts in different languages. These are used for maintainig list headers,selectiontexts in programs

Question 7 : What are the Cluster Tables?

Answer 7 : Cluster tables contain continuous text, for example, documentation. Several cluster tables can be combined to form a table cluster. Several logical lines of different tables are combined to form a physical record in this table type. This permits object-by-object storage or object-by-object access. In order to combine tables in clusters, at least parts of the keys must agree. Several cluster tables are stored in one corresponding table on the database.

Question 8 : What are function modules in LDB?

Answer 8 : Function modules in LDB's are get put get late

Question 9 : What is an “Unpack command”

Answer 9 : UNPACK field1TO field2 .Unpacks the packed field field1 and places it in the field field2 with leading zeros. If field2 is too short, it is truncated on the left.

Question 10 : How can you call the Sessions?

Answer 10 : using transaction code SM35

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