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CAD Interview Questions and Answers

CAD Interview Questions and Answers

Question - 1 : - What is Autocad?

Answer - 1 : - Autocad is a software program built to design and shape the 2-D and 3-D images. It provides the tools by which a detail design of the product can be done. It also has the option to create detailed design layout, which can be automatically drawn by using source model

Question - 2 : - What are the uses of Autocad?

Answer - 2 : - Autocad can be used by the professionals to visualize the imaginary view of the product on a computer system. In Autocad, it is possible by the drafter to make the changes in the product before it gets finalized for design. It also gives the freedom for the designer to implement their various ideas and represent them to the suppliers or their clients.

Question - 3 : - What are the fields where you see maximum use of Autocad?

Answer - 3 : - Autocad is more popular among the architects, engineers and builders for developing their building layouts.

Question - 4 : - What is the file formats used in design?

Answer - 4 : - In Autocad, .dwg file format is used for design, it can be an interchangeable format. The file format which is interchangeable has the extension as DXF and operates data operability. It provides different languages which can be used as per the requirement.

Question - 5 : - How you can create a user interface in Autocad?

Answer - 5 : - User interface can be created by using the command prompts to draw the plots and dialog boxes. The dialog boxes can be displayed by the use of PLOT command and the external database commands (ASE). Setting of CMDDIA to 1, allows the dialog boxes to run the command. The user interface creation also needs the command line to display the entire file so that it can be edited or customized easily.

Question - 6 : - What is the function of vertical integration?

Answer - 6 : - To enhance the architectural designing of 3D object Autocad uses the vertical integration program. The 3D objects can include walls and other things that are associated with the data having information and simple objects like lines and circles. The data is programmed in such away that it represents only the architectural products and the extracted files, and can be modified according to the requirement.

Question - 7 : - What is the use of variant in Autocad?

Answer - 7 : - In Autocad variants are used to help in creation, visualizing and rendering the 3D models that include 3D printing as well. Variants allows you to use the functionality of different application according to the requirement.

Question - 8 : - What are the benefits of using Autocad?

Answer - 8 : - Autocad has replaced the traditional method of drafting and designing which was made by pencil, drafting boards, triangles and compass with just a set of a computer program. The benefits are immense like: 1. Saves time and helps to increase the productivity 2. It helps to streamline your design and documentation workflow 3. Physical ‘3D’ prototype of the design can be quickly created by using Autocad 4. 3D models can be directly imported into Autocad by using application like SolidWorks 5. Tedious work of drafting can be done easily and you can design and re-design the product in short span of time.

Question - 9 : - What is the process to draw a line more than one time and save it automatically?

Answer - 9 : - When a need arises to draw a new line the process opens up a new file in a new session to write the file. Autocad allows saving multiple drawing for each session. The files are saved by using the file extension .dwg and it can be modified by using the browser.

Question - 10 : - What are the steps that enable the drag and drop feature in Autocad?

Answer - 10 : - Autocad provides a way to drag and drop the elements by the use of “NOUN” and “VERB” in a dialog box. It allows the object to move from one place to another. Likewise, the remove or editing function can be done by using “MOVE and ERASE”.

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