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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

Electrical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

Question - 1 : -
What do you understand by the word electrical engineering?

Answer - 1 : -

Electrical Engineering is the grassland of Engineering that usually deals with the learning and application of electronics, electricity, and electromagnetism. It deals with elevated voltage, particularly AC above the series of 110 or 220V. Moreover, electrical machines and devices use irregular current (AC) / Voltages and are inclined to be better in size and require 230V (In UK) and 110V (In US) single-phase ac voltages whereas in industries and control stations, it may be up to 11kV and for broadcast, it may be superior to 400kV.

Question - 2 : -
What is referred to the electron in the outer orbit?

Answer - 2 : -

Electron in the external orbit is identified as valence.

Question - 3 : -
What do you mean by electric traction?

Answer - 3 : -

Electric traction means with the electric power for the grip system. Electric traction means utilize of the electricity for railways, trams, trolleys etc. Nowadays, magnetic toehold is also used for projectile trains. And essentially dc motors are used for electric traction systems.

Question - 4 : -
Define the Ideal Transformer?

Answer - 4 : -

An ideal transformer is a fantasy transformer in which no losses happen at all. In another language, the transformer Input authority is equivalent to the output authority of the transformer, i.e. they have 100% competence. It is just a hypothetical transformer because there must be some losses in a genuine transformer.
Transformer input Power = Transformer Output Power.

Question - 5 : -
How the tube light circuit is connected, and how does it work?

Answer - 5 : -

A choke is linked in one end of the tube light, and a starter is in sequence with the circuit. When supply is provided, the starter will break off the supply cycle of AC. Due to the unexpected alter of supply, the chock will make around 1000volts. This volt will be competent to break the electrons within the tube to make electron flow. Once the accessible pass through the pipe the appetizer circuit will be out of the part. Now there is no transform of supply causes choke voltage normalized and act as diminish the current.

Question - 6 : -
Tell me the advantages of speed control using thyristor?

Answer - 6 : -

Some of them are:

  • Low cost
  • High accurate
  • Fast switching characteristics than BJT, IGBT

Question - 7 : -
What is the principle of motor?

Answer - 7 : -

Whenever a recent carrying performer is placed in a compelling field, it manufactures turning or twisting movement known as torque.

Question - 8 : -
Define Armature Reaction?

Answer - 8 : -

The result of armature flu to major flux is called armature reaction. The armature flux may hold up main flux or opposes chief flux.

Question - 9 : -
What do you mean by Ascr cable and where we use it?

Answer - 9 : -

ACSR means Aluminum conductor steel non-breakable this performer is used in broadcast & distribution.

Question - 10 : -
Explain 2 phase motor?

Answer - 10 : -

A two-phase motor is a coast with the starting winding, and the operation winding has a stage split e.g. ac servo motor. Where the auxiliary snaking and the manage winding have a stage split of 90 degrees.

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