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Food Processing and Technology Interview Questions and Answers

Food Processing and Technology Interview Questions and Answers

Question - 11 : -
What is Your Take on Organic Food Products?

Answer - 11 : -

I believe that organic food products are the future. However, if ever given a chance to work in an environment that caters to these, I will welcome it with both hands.

Question - 12 : - What Do You Mean By The Term Bake?

Answer - 12 : -

To cook food in an enclosed oven

Question - 13 : - What Is Bake Blind?

Answer - 13 : -

To partially or completely cook an unfilled pastry case. This is done by pricking the base of the case with a fork all over then lining the uncooked case with greaseproof paper and weighting it down with beans. Cooking is between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on the recipe.

Question - 14 : - What Is Baking?

Answer - 14 : -

The cooking of food/food items by converted dry heat in an oven.

Question - 15 : - Define Braising?

Answer - 15 : -

Braising is defined as the cooking of whole food or large cuts in a covered container with an appropriate amount of liquid which forms the basis of the sauce. to accompany the dish. Braising usually takes place in an oven.

Question - 16 : - What Is The Purpose Of Braising?

Answer - 16 : -

To cook meat that is too tough to roast but does not need to be cut into small pieces. Also to tenderise vegetables which contain tough cellulose.

Question - 17 : - Differentiate Brown Braising & White Braising?

Answer - 17 : -

Brown Braising where the food is browned beforehand and dark ingredients such as brown stock or other red meat, or red wine are used.
White Braising where the food is blanched, refreshed and cooked in a white liquid such as white stock.

Question - 18 : - What Is Meant By Blanching And Refreshing?

Answer - 18 : -

where the food is covered with cold water, brought to boil, or as in the case of vegetables plunged into boiling liquid and rinsed under cold water to remove sediment and impurities, bitterness, and to stop discolouration.

Question - 19 : - Define Boiling ?

Answer - 19 : -

Boiling is the cooking of foods in a liquid either at or brought to boiling point.

Although boiling appears to be a simple method of cookery care must be taken to prepare, time and finish the items

Question - 20 : - Deep Fry Means ?

Answer - 20 : -

The process of cooking food by immersion in hot fat or oil in a deep pan or electric fryer to give a crisp, golden coating.

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