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Microsoft Azure Interview Questions and Answers

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Microsoft Azure Interview Questions and Answers

Question - 1 : - What is Microsoft Azure?

Answer - 1 : -

Azure is a cloud computing platform which was launched by Microsoft in Feb 2010. It is a highly flexible cloud platform that offers development, data storage, service hosting, and service management.

Question - 2 : - Explain the Importance of the role and how many types of roles are available in Windows Azure?

Answer - 2 : -

Roles are a very important concept in Windows Azure, and learning them is the base for further programming.

Three types of roles in Windows Azure are:

  • Web Role: It is used to deploy website by using langue which is supported by the IIS platform customized to run the web apps.
  • Worker Role: It helps you to execute the process that runs in the background.
  • VM Role: It helps you to schedule the windows services and task.

Question - 3 : - Why should you use Azure CDN?

Answer - 3 : -

Azure CDN should be used to reduce load time and bandwidth as well as speed the responsiveness.

Question - 4 : - Name some important applications of Microsoft Azure

Answer - 4 : -

Most important application of Microsoft Azure are:

Infrastructure Services, Mobile Apps, Web Applications, Cloud Services, Storage, Media Services, etc.

Question - 5 : - What is Azure as PaaS?

Answer - 5 : -

PaaS is a computing platform that includes an operating system, programming language execution environment, database, or web services. Developers and application providers use this type of Azure services.

Question - 6 : - What are Break-fix issues in Microsoft Azure?

Answer - 6 : -

In, Microsoft Azure, all the technical problem is called break-fix issues. This term uses when “work involved in support a technology when it fails in the normal course of its function.

Question - 7 : - Explain Diagnostics in Windows Azure

Answer - 7 : -

Windows Azure Diagnostic offers the facility to store diagnostic data. In Azure, some diagnostics data is stored in the table, while some are stored in a blob. The diagnostic monitor runs in Windows Azure as well as in the computer’s emulator for collecting data for a role instance.

Question - 8 : - State the difference between repetitive and minimal monitoring.

Answer - 8 : -

Verbose monitoring collects metrics based on performance. It allows a close analysis of data fed during the process of application.

On the other hand, minimal monitoring is a default configuration method. It makes the user of performance counters gathered from the operating system of the host.

Question - 9 : - What is the link to a resource?

Answer - 9 : -

To show your cloud service’s dependencies on other resources, such as an Azure SQL Database instance, you can “link” the resource to the cloud service. In the Preview Management Portal, you can view linked resources on the Linked Resources page, view their status on the dashboard, and scale a linked SQL Database instance along with the service roles on the Scale page. Linking a resource in this sense does not connect the resource to the application; you must configure the connections in the application code.

Question - 10 : - What is scale a cloud service?

Answer - 10 : -

A cloud service is scaled out by increasing the number of role instances (virtual machines) deployed for a role. A cloud service is scaled in by decreasing role instances. In the Preview Management Portal, you can also scale a linked SQL Database instance, by changing the SQL Database edition and the maximum database size, when you scale your service roles.

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