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PHP Interview Questions and Answers

PHP Interview Questions and Answers

Question - 131 : - Explain the ternary conditional operator in PHP?

Answer - 131 : - Expression preceding the ? is evaluated, if it’s true, then the expression preceding the : is executed, otherwise, the expression following : is executed.

Question - 132 : - What’s the difference between include and require?

Answer - 132 : - It’s how they handle failures. If the file is not found by require(), it will cause a fatal error and halt the execution of the script. If the file is not found by include(), a warning will be issued, but execution will continue.

Question - 133 : - What is PEAR in php?

Answer - 133 : - PEAR(PHP Extension and Application Repository) is a framework and repository for reusable PHP components. PEAR is a code repository containing all kinds of php code snippets and libraries. PEAR also offers a command-line interface that can be used to automatically install "packages".

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