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Chapter 6- The Hundred Dresses–II Interview Questions Answers

Question 1 : What did Mr Petronski’s letter say?

Answer 1 : Mr Petronski’s letter was addressed to the school authorities informing that Wanda would not come to school anymore as they were moving to a bigger city. It also mentioned that nobody would call her by funny names as there were plenty of other funny names in the new city.

Question 2 : Is Miss Mason angry with the class, or is she unhappy and upset?

Answer 2 : Miss Mason was unhappy rather than angry because she was very upset to know that the students ill-treated Wanda for her unfamiliar name. She didn’t approve of the humiliation faced by the young girl due to her looks, name and appearance. She wanted everyone to think about it and asked them not to look down upon anyone in the class.

Question 3 : How does Maddie feel after listening to the note from Wanda’s father?

Answer 3 :

Maddie felt sorry andashamed for her behaviour towards Wanda although she herself never made fun ofher. She felt guilty as she never tried to stop Peggy from doing so andsilently watched her as she repeatedly used to make fun of Wanda for claimingto have a hundred dresses in her closet.

Question 4 : What does Maddie want to do?

Answer 4 : Maddie wanted to amend her behaviour towards Wanda and apologise to her for everything. Hence, when she came to know that Wanda was moving to a big city, she decided to pay a visit to Wanda’s house at Boggins Heights. She also wished to convey that everyone appreciates her talent and their behaviour towards her should be taken lightly.

Question 5 : What excuses does Peggy think up for her behaviour? Why?

Answer 5 : Peggy acted in a defensive manner and stated that she indirectly inspired Wanda to explore her drawing skills as she sketched a hundred dresses for the drawing competition that made her the winner of the contest.

Question 6 : What are Maddie’s thoughts as they go to Boggins Heights?

Answer 6 : Maddie was filled with a sense of guilt and shame as she felt apologetic for being a silent spectator while Peggy used to humiliate Wanda. She was extremely distraught and upset for Wanda and herself. She was repenting for not stopping Peggy from misbehaving with Wanda on numerous occasions.

Question 7 : Why does Wanda’s house remind Maddie of Wanda’s blue dress?

Answer 7 : Wanda used to wear an old blue faded yet a clean dress to school every day. When Maddie saw the house, it reminded her that Wanda’s place and its sparse little yard looked shabby but clean just like her blue dress.

Question 8 : What does Maddie think hard about? What important decision does she come to?

Answer 8 : Maddie thought hard that she would not be a mute spectator anymore to Peggy’s ill-treatment towards Wanda. She promised herself that she would not let any injustice happen to anyone even if it meant to lose her close friend in the process.

Question 9 : What did the girls write to Wanda?

Answer 9 : Maddie and Peggy wrote a friendly letter to Wanda in which they wanted to apologise for their behaviour towards her, instead they asked her whether she liked her new school, friends and teachers. Meanwhile, they also informed her that she was declared the winner of the drawing contest for her sketches of a hundred dresses. They praised her drawing skills and also mentioned how it was appreciated by everyone in school. The girls wrote this letter to Wanda to indirectly extend their hand of friendship towards her and also express how much they missed her.

Question 10 : Did they get a reply? Who was more anxious for a reply, Peggy or Maddie? How do you know?

Answer 10 : No, the girls never received a response of their letter from Wanda. Maddie was anxiously looking forward for a reply than Peggy because she was distraught and upset for Wanda. She had assumed that Wanda was deeply hurt so she didn’t reply to their letter and blamed herself for everything. Maddie often had sleepless nights and frightening dreams about Wanda.



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