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Chapter 5- Arithmetic Progressions Interview Questions Answers

You must have observed that in nature, many things follow a certain pattern, such asthe petals of a sunflower, the holes of a honeycomb, the grains on a maize cob, thespirals on a pineapple and on a pine cone etc.We now look for some patterns which occur in our day-to-day life. Some suchexamples are :
(iv) The number of unit squares in squares with side 1, 2, 3, . . . units (see Fig. 5.2)are, respectively
12, 22, 32, . .
In the examples above, we observe some patterns. In some, we find that the
succeeding terms are obtained by adding a fixed number, in other by multiplying
with a fixed number, in another we find that they are squares of consecutive
numbers, and so on.
In this chapter, we shall discuss one of these patterns in which succeeding terms
are obtained by adding a fixed number to the preceding terms. We shall also see how
to find their nth terms and the sum of n consecutive terms, and use this knowledge in
solving some daily life problems.



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