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Chapter 9- Some Applications of Trigonometry Interview Questions Answers

In the previous chapter, you have studied about trigonometric ratios. In this chapter,you will be studying about some ways in which trigonometry is used in the life aroundyou. Trigonometry is one of the most ancient subjects studied by scholars all over theworld. As we have said in Chapter 8, trigonometry was invented because its needarose in astronomy. Since then the astronomers have used it, for instance, to calculatedistances from the Earth to the planets and stars. Trigonometry is also used in geographyand in navigation. The knowledge of trigonometry is used to construct maps, determinethe position of an island in relation to the longitudes and latitudes.
In this chapter, we will see how trigonometry is used for finding the heights anddistances of various objects, without actually measuring them.



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