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Real Numbers Ex-1.4 Interview Questions Answers

Question 1 : Without actually performing the long division, state whether thefollowing rational numbers will have a terminating decimal expansion or anon-terminating repeating decimal expansion:

Answer 1 :

(i) 13/3125         (ii)17/8         (iii) 64/455         (iv) 15/1600         (v) 29/343                    (vi) 23/(2352)      (vii) 129/(225775)                    (viii) 6/15             (ix) 35/50                    (x)77/210  

Question 2 : Write down the decimal expansions of those rational numbers in Question1 above which have terminating decimal expansions.

Answer 2 :

Question 3 :

The following real numbers have decimalexpansions as given below. In each case, decide whether they are rational ornot. If they are rational, and of the form, p q what can you say about theprime factors of q?

(i) 43.123456789

(ii) 0.120120012000120000. . .

Answer 3 :

(i) 43.123456789

Since it has a terminating decimal expansion,it is a rational number in the form of p/q and q has factors of 2 and 5 only.

(ii) 0.120120012000120000. . .

Since, it has non-terminating and non-repeating decimal expansion, it is an irrational number.

Since it has non-terminating but repeatingdecimal expansion, it is a rational number in the form of p/q and q has factorsother than 2 and 5.



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