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Chapter 2 – Children at Work Interview Questions Answers

Question 1 :
Velu stood on the platform but he felt “as if he was still on a moving train”. Why?

Answer 1 :

Velu stood on the platform but felt as if he was still on a moving train because his legs were still wobbly and shaky after the journey to Chennai. Usually, the effect of a moving train stays for some time after the end of the journey.

Question 2 :
What made him feel miserable?

Answer 2 :

Velu felt miserable and exhausted because he had run away from his village two days ago and had not eaten anything except some peanuts and a piece of jaggery for the last two days.

Question 3 : Velu travelled without a ticket. Why?

Answer 3 :

Velu travelled without a ticket because he had no money to buy a ticket.

Question 4 : How did he escape the ticket collector’s attention?

Answer 4 : He escaped the ticket collector’s attention because luckily the ticket collector did not come to the unreserved compartment.

Question 5 :
Why had Velu run away from home?

Answer 5 :

Velu had run away from home because his father used to beat him everyday. His father would also spend the money earned by Velu and his sisters on drinking.

Question 6 :
Why did he decide to follow the ‘strange’ girl?

Answer 6 :

He decided to follow the ‘strange’ girl because he did not know where to go and what to do. Basically, he did not have a plan for himself.

Question 7 :
Can Velu read Tamil and English? How do you know?

Answer 7 :

Velu could read Tamil but not English. When he saw the huge signboard, he could not understand what it meant because the writing was in English. Later, when the girl pointed at a large building, Velu read the Tamil sign and came to know that the building was the Central Jail.

Question 8 :
“If you are not careful, you will soon be counting bars there,” the girl said.

(i) What is she referring to?

(ii) What does she mean when she says “If you are not careful…”?

(She says something a little later which means the same. Find that sentence.)

Answer 8 :

(i) She was referring to the Central Jail.

(ii) When she said “If you are not careful…” to Velu, she meant that he should not get caught. All he had to do to stay away from jail was to not do something stupid and get caught by policemen.

Question 9 : Where did the girl lead Velu to?

Answer 9 : The girl led Velu to Sri Rajarajeshwari Prasanna Kalyana Mandapam. A wedding was taking place there. She took him behind the hall near a big garbage bin that was overflowing with rubbish.

Question 10 : What did they get to eat?

Answer 10 : Velu got a banana and a vada, while the girl got only one banana to eat.



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