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Chapter 8 – Jalebis Interview Questions Answers

Question 1 :
Why didn’t he pay the school fees on the day he brought money to school?

Answer 1 :

Master Ghulam Mohammed would collect the fees. That day he was on leave. Therefore the school fees would be collected the next day. That is why he could not pay the fees on the day he had brought money to school.

Question 2 :
(i) What were the coins ‘saying’ to him ?
(ii) Do you think they were misguiding him ?

Answer 2 :

(i) The coins were coaxing him to spend them. One coin said that Jalebis were meant to be eaten. Money is meant to be spent. Only they spend it, who like fresh, crisp and hot Jalebis.
(ii) Yes, the rupee coins were misguiding him. They were asking him to buy Jalebis with the amount meant for school fees.

Question 3 :
Why didn’t he take the coins’ advice ? Give two or three reasons.

Answer 3 :

He did not take the coins’ advice because of the following reasons :

  1. He thought how he would show his face to Master Ghulam Mohammed.
  2. He used to get a lot to eat at home.
  3. He thought that it was a sin to spend the fees and funds money on buying Jalebis.

Question 4 :
What did the oldest coin tell him ?

Answer 4 : The oldest coin told him that they (the coins) were trying to tell him for his own good. He said that instead of listening to them, he was trying to strangle them. The oldest coin told him to spend them over Jalebis and pay the fees from scholarship money.

Question 5 : Did he follow his advice ? If not, why not?

Answer 5 : He did not follow the advice of the oldest coin. He thought that what the coin was saying was not right. It was not right for a boy of his status and prestige so. It was not right for him to stand in the middle of inht for him to stand in the middle of the bazaar and eat Jalebis.

Question 6 :
He reached home with the coins in his pocket. What happened then ?

Answer 6 :

When he reached home, he had the coins in his pocket. He sat on the bed. The coins began to speak and shriek. No more he could resist the temptation. So, he rushed out of the house and ran towards the bazaar to purchase Jalebis.

Question 7 :
(i) Why didn’t he eat all the jalebis he had bought ?
(ii) What did he do with the remaining jalebis ?

Answer 7 :

(i) He had eaten so many jalebis that it was not possible to eat more jalebis.
(ii) He handed out the remaining jalebis to the children who had assembled in the street.

Question 8 :
“The fear was killing me.” What was the fear ?

Answer 8 :

He had eaten too many jalebis. He had a burp with every breath. The fear was ith his burp one or two jalebis would pour out of his mouth.

Question 9 :
“Children’s stomachs are like digestion machines.” What do you understand by that ? Do you agree

Answer 9 :

It means that the children have highly digestive power. Their stomachs are like digestive machines. Even after eating too many jalebis, his stomach kept working throughout the night. He felt quite normal in the morning. I do agree with the statement.

Question 10 :
How did he plan to pay the fees the next day ?

Answer 10 :

He hoped to get the scholarship money next day. So, he planned to pay the fees the next day with that money.



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