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Poem 3- The Voice of the Rain Interview Questions Answers

Question 1 :
There are two voices in the poem. Who do they belong to ? Which lines indicate this ?

Answer 1 :

The two voices in the poem are those of the poet and the rain. The poet asks the question : ‘who art thou ?’. ‘I am the Poem of Earth’, said the voice of the rain.

Question 2 :
What does the phrase ‘strange to tell’ mean ?

Answer 2 :

The poet uses this phrase to express his surprise. It is a mystery how the rain speaks in human voice.

Question 3 :
There is a parallel drawn between rain and music. Which words indicate this ? Explain the similarity between the two.

Answer 3 :

The rain and music are identical in a way. The rain calls herself the Poem of Earth. Neither can be touched. Both are eternal. Both bring joy to the earth, and beautify it. Rain, the song of the earth, disappears after fulfilling its purpose.

Question 4 :
How is the cyclic movement of rain brought out in the poem ?

Answer 4 :

What is the origin of the clouds ? ‘It is bom out of the union of earth and the sky, the sun and water. Water turns into vapour, rises upward and turns into dark cloud. The r same cloud descends to the earth again in watery form. This cyclic movement goes on externally.

Question 5 :
Why are the last two lines put within brackets ?

Answer 5 :

The last two lines are put within brackets because it is neither the voice of the ‘ poet, nor of the rain. It is a general comment on the life-cycle of water turned into clouds.

Question 6 :
List the pairs of opposites found in the poem.

Answer 6 :

rise — descend
day — night
altogether changed — yet the same



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