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Chapter 12- Areas Related to Circles Interview Questions Answers

IntroductionYou are already familiar with some methods of finding perimeters and areas of simpleplane figures such as rectangles, squares, parallelograms, triangles and circles fromyour earlier classes. Many objects that we come across in our daily life are related tothe circular shape in some form or the other. Cycle wheels, wheel barrow (thela),dartboard, round cake, papad, drain cover, various designs, bangles, brooches, circularpaths, washers, flower beds, etc. are some examples of such objects (see Fig. 12.1).So, the problem of finding perimeters and areas related to circular figures is of greatpractical importance. In this chapter, we shall begin our discussion with a review ofthe concepts of perimeter (circumference) and area of a circle and apply this knowledgein finding the areas of two special ‘parts’ of a circular region (or briefly of a circle)known as sector and segment. We shall also see how to find the areas of somecombinations of plane figures involving circles or their parts.



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