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Chapter 10- Functions Interview Questions Answers

Question 1 :
What is sys.argv?

Answer 1 :

A list containing the program name and all the command-line arguments to a program.

Question 2 :
What can you do with the eval function?

Answer 2 :

Eval(s) evaluates an expression contained in a string s and returns the resulting object.

Question 3 :
What does sys.argv[1:] mean?

Answer 3 :

A list of the command-line arguments.

Question 4 :
What type of errors does the exception type NameError correspond to?

Answer 4 :

A variable that is not initialized (defined), perhaps a variable/function that is misspelled.

Question 5 :
Why we use ceil(x) function?

Answer 5 :

It returns the ceiling of x as a float, the smallest integer value greater than or equal to x.

Question 6 :
Why we use floor(x) function?

Answer 6 :

It returns the floor of x as a float, the largest integer value less than or equal to x.

Question 7 :
What value will be return by log10(x) ?

Answer 7 :

Returns the base-10 logarithm of x. This is usually more accurate than log(x,10).

Question 8 :
What value will be return by cos(x)?

Answer 8 :

Returns the cosine of x radians.

Question 9 :
Define tan(x) function in python.

Answer 9 :

Tan(x) function return the tangent of x radians.

Question 10 :
What gets printed? Assuming python version 2.x print type(l/2)

Answer 10 :



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