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Chapter 8- Going Places Interview Questions Answers

Question 1 :
Where was it most likely that the two girls would find work after school ?

Answer 1 :

After school the two girls Sophie and Jansie were most likely to find work in the biscuit factory.

Question 2 :
What were the options that Sophie was dreaming of ? Why does Jansie discourage her from having such dreams ?

Answer 2 :

The options Sophie was dreaming of were to have a boutique, to be a manager till she has enough money to open a boutique, to have the most wonderful shop in the city or to be an actress. She seems to be a daydreamer.

Jansie, who seems to be more realistic, used to discourage Sophie from having such dreams. She knew that Sophie can never arrange enough money to have a boutique. Jansie knew that they won’t make Sophie a manager straight off. She tells Sophie to be sensible as they don’t pay well for the shop work. Jansie discouraged Sophie from having such dreams which are not possible for Sophie to fulfil under the present circumstances.

Question 3 :
Why did Sophie wriggle when Geoff told her father that she had met Danny Casey ?

Answer 3 :

Sophie had shared the secret of her meeting Danny Casey with her brother Geoff. When suddenly Geoff told his father that Sophie had met the renowned player Danny Casey, she wriggled or twisted her body to and fro. She did so because of the possible contempt of her father. She was also afraid that her father would never believe about it.

Question 4 :
Does Geoff believe what Sophie says about her meeting with Danny Casey ?

Answer 4 :

Firstly Geoff did not believe what Sophie had said about her meeting with Danny Casey. He says that it can never be true. He also says that he does not believe it. Then Geoff questions what Danny Casey looks like. He seems to have partly believed Sophie when she tells him about Danny’s green and gentle eyes and about his height. Perhaps that is why he tells his father that Sophie had met Danny Casey. He also tells his father that it is true.

Question 5 :
Does her father believe her story ?

Answer 5 :

When Geoff told his father that Sophie had met Danny Casey, he looked at her with an expression of scorn or contempt. It had no effect on him when Geoff said that it is true that Sophie had met Danny in the arcade. Her father told Sophie that it was another of her “wild stories.” He tells her that one of these days she is going to talk herself “into a load of trouble.” Thus it is obvious that Sophie’s father did not believe her story.

Question 6 :
How does Sophie include her brother Geoff in her fantasy of her future ?

Answer 6 :

Geoff was an apprentice mechanic. He would travel to his work each day to the far side of the city. She fancied the places where he might be going but which were unknown to her. She was fascinated not only about the places but also with the people who might be there and who might be unusual and exciting. She indulged in dreaming that some day her brother might take her there with him. She was conscious of a vast world out there waiting for her.

She knew instinctly that she would feel, as it home there as in her own city. She imagined herself riding there behind Geoff. He wore new, shining black leathers and she a yellow dress with a kind of cape or a short cloak that flew out behind. In her fantasy she felt that there was the sound of applause as the world rose to greet her. This is how Sophie would include her brother Geoff in her fantasy of her future.

Question 7 :
Which country did Danny Casey play for ?

Answer 7 :

Danny Casey played for Ireland.

Question 8 : Why didn’t Sophie want Jansie to know about her story with Danny ?

Answer 8 :

Sophie did not want that Jansie should know about her story with Danny. She had requested Geoff not to tell about it to anybody. Sophie was afraid that Jansie would tell about the story to all of her neighbourhood. That is why Sophie told Jansie that it was meant to be a secret.

Question 9 : Did Sophie really meet Danny Casey ?

Answer 9 :

Though Sophie’s brother Geoff partly believed in her story and her father did not believe at all that she had met Danny, yet I think that Sophie had really met Danny Casey.

Question 10 : Which was the only occasion when she got to see Danny Casey in person ?

Answer 10 : I think the only occasion when Sophie got a chance to see Danny Casey in person was when she met her in the first part of the story. In the story when she meets him again she is just imaging about him or was creating his image in her mind. It is because in the second meeting the author has mentioned, ‘coming through the arcade she pictured him again outside Royce’s. Here the word ‘pictured’ is used in the sense to imagine or create someone’s image in one’s mind.



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