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WCF Interview Questions and Answers

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WCF Interview Questions and Answers

Question - 61 : - What is Callback mode in WCF? Explain.

Answer - 61 : - Ans: The WCF callback mode is a special type of mode where WCF on the call back calls the method of client and in this scenario WCF service acts as a client and client acts as a service. This mode is not supported by "HTTPBinding" so "WSDualHttpBinding" is used in this mode.

Question - 62 : - What are the different types of transaction managers supported by WCF?

Answer - 62 : - These are three types of transaction managers supported by WCF: 1. Light Weight 2. WS-Atomic Transaction 3. OLE Transaction

Question - 63 : - What are the MEP in WCF?

Answer - 63 : - MEP stands for Message Exchange Pattern. There are three types of Message Exchange Patterns are allowed: 1. DataGram 2. Request and Response 3. Duplex

Question - 64 : - What is Throttling in WCF?

Answer - 64 : - In WCF, "Throttling" is used to limit the sessions or instances to be created at an application level. It is used to boost the performance.

Question - 65 : - What is the usage of "maxConcurrentCalls" in Throttling?

Answer - 65 : - The "maxConcurrentCalls" attribute in throttling is used to limit the total number of calls which are going to the service instances. Its default value is 16.

Question - 66 : - What is "Know Types" in WCF?

Answer - 66 : - The KnowType is an attribute which is used to the parent class because if you define the complex class as the property of class then it would be very difficult for the compiler during the de-serialization process.

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