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Web Design Interview Questions and Answers

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Web Design Interview Questions and Answers

Question - 1 : - What is an HTML tag?

Answer - 1 : - An HTML tag is a syntactical construct in the HTML language that abbreviates specific instruction to be executed when the HTML script is loaded into a Web brower. It is like a method in Java, a function in C++, a procedure in Pascal, or a routine in FORTRAN.

Question - 2 : - Whats is the difference between cellspacing and cellpadding?

Answer - 2 : - The stylesheets provide some control over cell spacing (extra space between table cells, visible as space between cell borders if they are turned on), and cell padding (extra space between the cell border and cell content).

Question - 3 : - What is Body in Html?

Answer - 3 : - is one of the two major sections that goes inside (the other is ). is the section that holds everything that is actually displayed. All the text, headers, tables, etc are in the section.

Question - 4 : - What is DOCTYPE in a HTML?

Answer - 4 : - The declaration (technically it's not a "tag") should be the very first thing in your document... if you choose to use it at all. tells the browser what version of HTML you are writing in. More specifically, declares that this document conforms to a specific version of HTML, and specifies what version that is.

Question - 5 : - What is the difference between I-Frame and Frame?

Answer - 5 : - An inline frame is just a frame within a single page usually containing  another page - it can exist without having a frameset defined. A frame is part of the browser display but exists as part of a frameset.

Question - 6 : - What is the need for CSS?

Answer - 6 : - CSS is called as Cascading Style Sheets. This is used to enhance the features of web pages like formatting styles say bold, font size and so on and there by increase the visual appearance of web pages. These are specified inside an HTML tag. The use of CSS reduces time and enhances the web page design. With CSS it is possible to define layout of HTML documents like font, color, margin, line, height, width, images and so on.

Question - 7 : - How many Types of CSS and Describe it?

Answer - 7 : - There are Three Types of CSS: 1. External Style sheets- These styles are kept separately and called or linked from the required page. This is the       syntax followed for linking a external style sheet. 2. Internal or Embedded Style - This type of style is defined inside the body tag of the page. The style defined here get priority over the external styles but before the Inline styles. Here is an example of Internal styles. 3. Inline style - We add the styles within our HTML tags. This gets highest priority than Internal and external defined styles. Let us try to add a background style to one h1 tag.

This is H1 tag

Question - 8 : - What is the difference between Class and ID?

Answer - 8 : - IDs identify a specific element and therefore must be unique on the page – you can only use a specific ID once per document and Classes mark elements as members of a group and can be used multiple times, so if you want to define a style which will be applied to multiple elements you should use a class instead.

Question - 9 : - What is the difference between Jpeg and Gif Images?

Answer - 9 : - Gif files work best for non-photo images likes logo and line drawing and GIFs are also used with images that have a transparent background, and with simple animations while JPGs are most commonly used for photographs as they can hold information about the thousands of different colors in a photo without making the file size too big.

Question - 10 : - What is the default frame rate in a Flash-File?

Answer - 10 : - 12 fps

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